• *NEW* Louisiana Child Death Review Report

    The 2013-2015 Louisiana Child Death Review Report is now available! New features in the 2013-2015 report include a focus on preventable injury fatalities and additional data pages included to provide context on contributing factors to infant and child deaths.

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  • Reproductive Health Needs Assessment

    The findings of this 2017 Reproductive Health Needs Assessment provide a snapshot of reproductive health in Louisiana through a multi-component assessment of the population’s perception of and need for reproductive health services, drawn from surveys, focus groups, and interviews with current clients, community members, adolescents, Title X providers, and community partners.

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  • Healthy Louisiana

    Healthy Louisiana is our state's Medicaid program.

    Keep up with the latest Healthy Louisiana news & eligibility information
  • What You Need to Know about Zika Virus

    The CDC has developed Zika preparedness and prevention guidance for pregnant women, parents, travelers, health care providers, state and local health departments and other health professionals.

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