Vaccines: remind parents to keep children up to date

The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals reminds parents that ensuring children have received their necessary vaccinations is not only important, it’s the law.  Children in Daycare, Head Start programs, pre-K, and all schools need to be up-to-date with their age-appropriate immunizations.  Parents should contact their child’s doctor to have children vaccinated.

Children who are eligible to receive vaccinations at Parish Health Units are:

  • Those that have Medicaid
  • Those without insurance
  • American Indian/Alaskan native
  • Children who are insured but their insurance company does not cover specific vaccinations.

View DHH’s interactive parish map to find a parish health unit in your area. Those children who have insurance should contact their private provider for vaccination services.

Parents can obtain copies of their child’s immunization record from their child’s physician or from a Parish Health Unit or a Federally Qualified Health Center. If parents are not able to submit proof of updated immunizations, their children will need to be re-vaccinated to get an updated immunization record.

Vaccines have proven safe and effective in preventing illness and death from many infectious diseases. Having kids vaccinated keeps them healthy and in school, protects other children and family members from getting sick, and allows children to lead longer, more productive lives.

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